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The Prague Declaration on New Trends in Healthcare is the memorandum formulated upon the contents of the 6th Prague International Health Summit, the conference on health policy held in Prague in June 2011.  

This document is ment to be a call for innovative re-thinking of the health care systems in developed countries, justified by the necessity of substantial change in the near future.  It is also a call for such system environment that would support innovations.  It should address the main players and stakeholders in the sector, both those supporting and those resisting the change.

The Declaration establishes a new language and a new conceptual framework for the dialogue on health reform. It can also be viewed as a road map for leaders, politicians and innovators thinking about health reform, to be successful in pursuing their goals.

The Declaration is closely linked with and evolving from the 6th Prague International Health Summit.  The input for the first version of the Declaration is derived from the structure of the conference. The conference materials, both presentations and outputs from the workgroups, serve as the evidence-base supporting the statements of the Prague Declaration.

The Declaration is based on the consensus of individuals and organizations willing to  commit their names to  the text. This is a   living document that will be continuously updated by more specific  details explaining the initial set of “backbone” statements. Now, these six core statements symbolize the six years of Prague IHS.

After processing the conference outputs, the first update will be made public, distributed to the conference  participants and published in media. The text and its development will be held and administrated in English by the CEE Health Policy Network. Further on also by its members in local language versions in Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic and all other new member countries.

The 6th Prague International Health Summit, June 2011
6 Core Statements of the Prague Declaration on New Trends in Healthcare

  • 1.Importance of re-thinking

The necessity of substantial changes of healthcare systems all over the world calls for the emergence of innovations. Organizations being able to bring new ideas are of increasing importance. At this point, the role of innovators is decisive as no substantial change can be achieved without innovative thinking and innovative acting.

  • 2. Consumer voice

Only those innovations are good that bring a better value to those whom the health care system is to serve. Thus health care system users only shall consider which innovations are good for them and which are not. Hence it is necessary to give the central role to the consumer, patient and policyholder.

  • 3. Crossing boundaries

The basic duty of each politician is not to build barriers for innovations.  The natural environment supporting innovations is the environment of free and fair competition and cooperation. It is not the environment full of regulations regulating unintended outcomes of regulations, which is the case of nowadays.   

  • 4. Challenge for health insurance

It is the health care and health improvement that matters regarding healthcare systems. The key point linking these two crucial domains of the healthcare system, and keeping them in balance, is the health insurance product. Thus the need for innovations in health insurance poses one of the biggest challenges. This is why we claim for competitive markets in health insurance. Since the modern health insurance is based on contracts with healthcare providers, we also need the competitive healthcare market.    

  • 5. The power of good rules

The competitive markets in the health sector are rather dangerous tools if it comes to assure equal access and financial protection for all people. To assure these markets will create desirable value for consumers, we need a complex redesign on all system levels to make markets work the right way, following simple and transparent rules. We consider the Dutch health care system the prototype of such safe market-oriented system environment.  

  • 6. Health Policy Leadership

For such system’s change we need innovative politicians with a strong vision and leadership skills. We can guarantee that these leaders will have a strong support from all innovators in the healthcare sector.


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